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Perfect place to ERP Design, Development.

  • Discovery and planning

    A cross-functional project team is assembled by us to gather information on the demands of various business units and the issues that the ERP system must address. The team is tasked with compiling a short list of potential suppliers, issuing requests for proposals, selecting the ERP system, overseeing the deployment, and making sure it satisfies the requirements of various groups and is fully adopted. Don't skimp on preparation because a strong ERP installation plan may be the most crucial success factor.

  • Design and Development

    Our team examines current workflows to see how the new technology might alter them. Flexibility is essential because those in charge of daily operations, such as administrators and business process owners, must be willing to change the way they go about their work.

Our Features

Work smarter with powerful features

App Integration

E-BIT provides a fully-integrated, intuitive platform through which you can analyze, monitor and conduct data-driven tasks.

Data Analysis

E-BIT analyzes information related to business operations, including client and sales data, production statistics and more.


E-BIT reporting tools often include customizable dashboards, pie charts, bar graphs and other visual representations. E-BIT reporting tools often include …

Tracking and Visibility

E-BIT track finished products and raw materials from production to delivery.Good example of this is supply chain visibility.

Human Resource Management

E-BIT acts as an end-to-end platform for managing recruitment, hiring and more


Why Choose us

Create your ERP Solution With expert developer

The vendor or integration partner collaborates with our team to configure the software to meet business needs. They also carry out additional deployment preparation tasks, like creating documentation and training materials and starting data import. In contrast to cloud-based SaaS ERP, if you're utilizing an on-premises ERP system, you'll need to make decisions about how to manage hardware, connectivity, client rollout, long-term maintenance, and security. The same factors must be taken into account with a hybrid ERP system.

  • Friendly Interface
  • Strong Encryption
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23-26 Feb


The biggest and most ambitious tech exposition in Bangladesh is organized annually by BASIS. The largest national software, IT, and ITES exposition, BASIS SoftExpo promises to present the most cutting-edge products and services available to both business and home customers.

23-26 Feb

BASIS SOFT EXPO 2023 Visitor Registration

The biggest and most ambitious tech exposition in Bangladesh is organized annually by BASIS. You are cordially invited to visit our stall to have a great experience over our IT enabled product & services .Stall Location: Hall 01; Stall: K9.

E-BIT at a Glance

What is E-Bit?

Visualize the snap-shot of total business operation from order sourcing to shipment and gain evolutionary control over all stakeholders and processes in-term of monetary value and performance. Yes, that is our software suit “e-bit”, end-to-end customized ERP for apparel and textile manufacturing venture.